Senior Web Developer Salary in the US

If you are striving to become a web developer or inquiring about where you can find the best pay, you came to the right place. Have in mind that web development is a competing, distinct part of the IT industry that is continually developing as the latest languages and frameworks are brought into the limelight.You are the “hot commodity” for all those who want to have their online business, and they need excellent developers to make significant and efficient websites.

Even though the competition is fierce in the IT industry, senior web developers can lay back and relax as there is enough work for everyone. Of course, it all depends on how much money you want. Salary mainly depends on your knowledge, programming languages, and frameworks that you use, experience, and previous employees. Always make sure that your portfolio is strong! On an average, you may expect everything from $61,000 to $121,000, according to the PayScale website. Glassdoor reports an average salary of $87,712 based on more than 20,000 reports.

senior web developer salary
Senior Web Developer Salary in the US by Glassdoor website

About the Salary

In this sense, the hourly rate that you can expect is around $42, and you can expect bonuses that are approximately 4000 dollars.

As one research shows, job satisfaction in this part of the web industry is immense.
You are the one who is responsible for building and customizing the online stores, who are in charge of blogs, gaming, etc. Everything to ensure that people will stay on that web page.

One additional tip when you are pursuing this career – always make sure that your portfolio is strong! This is true even for self -through web developers that don’t have any conventional education. If you want to become a senior, constant learning and development is a must.

Comparing the data that comes from Glassdoor, Payscale, and Indeed, all of them show comparable statistics a medium pay varying from $60,000 – $75,000 a year.  

Where can you make the most significant salary?

Bear in mind that the salary of a senior web developer depends on the country that is in question – the USA, for example, there are some highest salaries. In this sense, we are talking about senior web developers’ annual income, depending on the country, languages they have mastered, years of experience, and if their work is freelance or in a company.

From individual companies and workplaces perspectives, the highest paycheck can is expected at Stanford University – around $109,000.
In a company like Razorfish, Wells Fargo & Co can offer salaries around $100,000. In IBM, you can expect $104,000, in PayPal $120,000, in Apple, almost $160,000. As you can see, it is very different from one employer to another. National average in the United States according to website is $109,275.

Average base Senior Web Developer salary
Average base Senior Web Developer salary according to website


Now, there is an entirely different field called the “freelance market,” where web developers can work.

In this sense, you need just skills, most notably the knowledge of project managing and marketing. You do not necessarily need a college diploma.
But, unlike work in some renewed company, the salaries here are more modest, they are around $73,5k – and the good news is that freelance work can be a fantastic stepping stone for future progress in some company, where you can earn more money.

If you are not willing to dedicate your time to organize your time and work from home, and the salary does not please you, skip this step, improve your skills, and pursue a company position.

Salaries according to years of work experience

Those web-developers who have just started their careers, and in the first four years of their work, expect an average of $79k, including bonuses and extra work.

Those who have more than five years of experience can expect around $85,000.
And those who are considered to be experienced, or Senior web Developers, who have more than ten years of experience in the field, can expect paycheck around $93,000.

In the end, web developers with more than 20 years of experience can ear almost $100,000 annually.

Salaries that are relatively similar to the Salary that Senior web developers can make are Senior Software Engineer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Front End Developer / Engineer, and Project manager.

payscale senior salary by experience
Senior web developer salary by experience according to the Payscale website

This branch is a very competitive field. Of course, this is not an easy task – all of you who want to become a senior web- developer must know that your path is not going to be easy; you will have to learn many languages and master many skills.

Web Developer Salaries by Language

We often mention skills that one web developer must have – this is also one of the elements that could alter an annual salary.

For example, those who master programs such as CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, C#, C++ cannot expect to earn more than $90,000 per year. Their salary will vary from $64,000 to $87,000 or $89,000 per year.

That group of web developers that are in some middle ground and know how to work on programs such as C, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, Rust, and Kotlin can make somewhere around $87,000 per year to $100,000 per year.

And in the end, those web developers that have invested their time in learning programs such as GO and Scala can make more than $110,000 per year.

Junior vs. Senior Web Developer Salaries

Most simply, the division between Junior and Senior web Developers is in their experience; in either case, they can find a job quickly.

Senior Web developers are taking a more substantial amount of responsibility, so they are entitled to make more money. The obligation here is seen as a managerial position that includes supervision on junior developers.

Have in mind – if you aim at this position, you will need at least five years of working experience and perhaps a bachelor’s degree.


If you aim for senor web developer position, be prepared for learning and taking more responsibility for others.

You can choose to become a freelance developer or something more traditional knowledge that you can expect wages that will undoubtedly rise:

  • currently around $87,000, going up. It is said that this is one branch that is expected to boom around 13 percent in the next 5-8 years.
  • Such a percentage is exciting because the expected growth in the IT industry is about 5 percent.
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