scala programming language

No matter if you are an “amateur” programmer or professional, you heard of Scala programming language for sure. It is a functional programming language that has grown enormously in popularity over the past few years and is increasingly being used in industry, not just in academia.

What is Scala?

Experts like to relate Scala and Java, and there is a good reason to do it; Scala is a programming language that runs on purchase valium JVM and Java. Scala is 100 percent interoperable with Java. You can mix Scala with Java, and you can use hundreds and thousands of written Java libraries in Scala and the like.

  • It is a program that is a mix of the imperative and functional program. Suitable for writing complex applications when you want to use multiple cores on a computer when you want to reduce the number of lines of code in an application,
  • it is object-oriented and very functional
  • With it, you get a smooth entry to large systems of libraries and develop high-performance operations.
  •  It is used with the existing Java code stack.

Where can I learn Scala?

Experts say that the Scala programming language is not hard to learn because of its pronounced OOP functionality (object-oriented programming). Others claim that it is very complex and challenging to learn Scala.  These are the best websites and courses for Scala.


  • Reddit » Scala.
  • The Scala Programming Language Blog.
  • Scala IDE for Eclipse.
  • » Scala.
  • Akka | News & Articles.
  • Scala Prof.
  • Scalac
  • Haoyi’s Programming Blog.


  • Scala and Spark for Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Scala Essential Training
  • Scala & Functional Programming for Beginners | Rock the JVM
  • Advanced Scala and Functional Programming | Rock the JVM
  • Learn Apache Spark 3 with Scala: Hands-On with Big Data!

Jobs and salary


  • A Scala engineer
  • Scala developers and programmers
  • Software engineer
  • Application developer
  • It consultant


One research has shown that Scala and Perl’s programs will help you make the industry’s highest salaries. On average, you can make around $75k per year. ZipRecruiter states that an average salary is closer to a whopping $141,810 per year. Other websites write that an annual wage for Scala programmer can go up to $174,000 in the US.

All major companies use Scala

In the end, have in mind that the Scala program is so abundantly used nowadays – some of the most successful and popular companies in the world use it. One thing is sure that it may take you months to master it well enough to use it. But the effort is worth it because the “reward” is excellent.


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