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As the words describe this occupation, a PHP developer develops different applications, web pages, and programs using a fascinating PHP programming language. PHP is, in addition to Java, one of the most popular programming languages today. There are often job advertisements such as junior PHP programmer, senior PHP programmer. It is used in web development or some business applications; the PHP developer is the one who develops, designs, implements, finds new and modern solutions, standardizes.

Learn here how to become one, and what kind of salary and benefits you can expect.

What is PHP Developer

This programming language is universal in web site development and business. Many people used it even for as simple tasks like essential website actions like accepting usernames and passwords. A great benefit of this program is its speed, and downside, as some say, security issues.

  • They can be described as web developers or software developers
  • can work “behind the scenes,” creates user interfaces; this program is often utilities with SQL
  • He deals with user training, website administration, and software testing. Identify and fix any issues that may occur
  • in some cases, and he creates prototypes in PHP, tests websites on all kinds of browsers
  • works closely and continuously communicate with other development teams and company executives

Expected PHP Developer Salary

According to the website GlassDoor, the expected annual salary for a PHP developer is $81,796. ZipRecruiter writes that the average salary is $86,003/year or $41/hour.

The average salary for a PHP developer is $6,592 per month. They can expect around a $3,000 cash bonus per year, as the website Indeed writes. The same website states that the most common benefits are working from home, stock options, and a flexible schedule. 

Highest paying cities in the US 

1. Austin, TX – $8,515

2. San Diego, CA -$7,872

3. Houston, TX -$6,888

4. Charlotte, NC – $6,723

5. Miami, FL – $6,032


Highest paying companies in the US

1. Growmark -$14,000

2. Feedonomics – $9,598

3. VS Media -$8,752

4. Compunnel Inc. – $7,925


Certificate, skills, knowledge, schools, and courses


  • Codecademy: Learn PHP Tutorial.
  • Coursera: Building Web Applications in PHP.
  • Udemy: PHP for Beginners.
  • Treehouse: Getting Started with PHP Unit Testing.
  • Pluralsight: PHP: Getting Started.
  • Udemy: PHP with Laravel for Beginners.
  • Eduonix: Object-Oriented PHP Learning.


1. Zend Certified PHP Engineer

2. W3Schools PHP Certification

3. PHP Certification Course for Intermediate Learner

Skills and Knowledge

  • PHP
  • Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL.
  • JavaScript, CSS, and HTML (those who want to become a full-stack developer)
  • Unix/Linux, APIs, and MVC Framework Architecture.
  • CakePHP, PHPUnit
  • Photoshop or a related design tool

Personal Traits

  • Good interaction abilities
  • A skill for problem-solving
  • The capability to think critically


  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 
  • Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 
  • Boston University, Boston, MA 
  • Champlain College, Burlington, VT 

One statistic showed that the PHP programming language is one of the most used programming languages for small businesses and startups. PHP has a perspective, and there is no doubt whether it should be studied.

PHP Developer

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