Objective C Programming Language

There are many ways to learn to program, and Objective-C is one you may want to know. Most notably, Apple is heavily involved in using this programming language. 

The motives are different – someone wants to start a programming career. In contrast, programming is a useful addition to skills in another field. Some learn it so they can create an online business or automate some tedious work.

One exciting program in that sense is Objective-C, which is the primary programming language. It is used while software for iOS and OS X. 

What is Objective-C?

So, the programming language Objective-C is object-oriented and general-purpose that supplements Smalltalk-style messaging to the C program. Apple uses it for the OS X and iOS operating systems. 

  • This program was developed in the 80s to build a flexible object-oriented programming language. The plan was to concentrate on the reusability of the code.
  • Its creators have combined some concepts located in another language called Smalltalk, and they wanted to improve C++ to become an object-oriented language. 
  • it is easier to learn than Java, so numerous programmers decide to know Objective-C first
  • even if some say that it is an old-dated programming language, it is not, and in comparison to some other programs, it is very dynamic
  • Objective-C is a program that has a tremendous runtime performance. It is crucial for programmers who are working on iOS applications.

Where can I learn it?

Online you can find numerous courses and online tutorials for learning to write on Objective-C programming languages. 


  • iOS 12 & Xcode 10 – Complete Swift 4.2 & Objective-C Course.
  • Learning Objective-C Programming.
  • Mixed Language App Development with Objective-C and Swift.
  • iOS 12 & Objective-C – Complete Developer Course.
  • iOS App Development: Essential Courses.
  • Objective-C Crash Course for Swift Developers.

Jobs and Salary


  • iOS Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • Lead Software Engineer


As an example, an Objective C Developer in the United States can annually make almost $123,422. But, as the website PayScale writes, an average salary for those with the knowledge of Objective-C is $102,628 per year. There is no doubt that this is one IT program that will bring you a lot of money if you master it.

The primary program for OS X and iOS

Objective-C is the original programming language programmers use when they are making software for OS X and iOS. It is a “child” of the C programming language and gives object-oriented abilities and an active runtime. When it comes to its relation to the programming language C, it is seen in the syntax’s inheritance, primitive characters, and flow switch statements. Objective-C supplements language-level assistance for object graph control.

Most commonly, Objective-C is known to be the program that lies in the ground for Apple’s operating systems -OSX and iOS. Nowadays, Apple replaces Objective-C with the programming language named Swift. Some experts say that the Apple company is distancing itself from C-style languages.


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