Mid-Level Web Developer Salary in the US

Web developers are the driving forces behind the speedy growth of the internet. Whenever you search for something over the internet, you come across thousands of websites. But have you ever thought who creates those sites? Web developers are professionals who create and maintain websites. Thus, the demand for web developers is going upwards in today’s internet-based generation.

From shopping to booking appointments, everything is one step away from you due to the faster internet and website access. There are millions of web developers who are working all day to design and maintain those websites. You can’t deny their contribution to the internet-based fast services in every field.

In this article, we are going to discuss the mid-level web developers, not the seniors. These professionals have been in the field for several years but haven’t acquired expertise as senior web developers. Usually, they are the liable ones to create and design websites on the first hand. Later on, the senior developers supervise their works. If you’re looking to pursue a career as a web developer, you’re in the right place to gather all information. Let’s proceed further and learn more about the educational qualifications, duties, skills, salary, and demand of the mid-level web developers.

Web Developer Salary by Experience
Web Developer Salary by Experience – data from Payscale

Mid-Level Web Developer position in a company comes with a base salary of $66,280 based on 2,163 salaries, according to the PayScale website.

Required Educational Qualifications

Whatever career you may choose, you have to get a specific degree or diploma related to the profession. The scenario is the same for all web developers. Although the requirements vary according to the role, you are going to get hired. You have to get a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree mandatory along with a degree in web designing.

To get a higher position as a web developer, having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming is preferable. You must have great experience in HTML programming while knowing other programming languages like JavaScript will be more beneficial. Having expertise in multimedia publishing tools and graphic designing will make you more eligible. You won’t require all of these qualities to work in a regular web designing firm. But if you’re ambitious to work with the best in the market, expertise in these fields will increase your eligibility.

Duties of Mid-Level Web Developers

A web developer is the main person behind a successfully running website. There is no need to mention separately that a web developer has to perform several duties. Here we are enlisting the primary responsibilities that web developers complete:

  • A web developer has to set the design of the website according to the client’s requirements. While building a website, a developer has to keep all of the client’s instructions in mind.
  • Designing and building different kinds of websites is what a web developer does. From shopping sites to news portals, a quality web developer has to create it all according to the specific needs.
  • Keeping a balance with the team of graphic designers is also a significant task for a web developer. Web developers are liable to instruct the graphic designers to work as the website needs.
  • Have you seen different kinds of applications and links on different websites? Well, web developers insert those applications and connections to make the sites more interactive.
    Web traffic is highly essential for any kind of website to sustain in the market. Web developers always make attempts to increase website traffic and also monitor that.
  • Web developers include all kinds of compelling images, audios, and videos on the website as needed.
  • Coding is one of the main tasks that a web developer has to do. A developer is responsible for writing codes for the website using different programming languages.

These are all the responsibilities that a web developer has to complete. However, not all developers have the ability to do all the tasks. Some developers specialize in particular tasks like web traffic monitoring. Also, other web developers look after all the aspects of a website.

Required Skills for a Web Developer


Clients are the decision-makers. The primary purpose of any company is to serve the clients as per their requirements. The web developers are no exception. They also have to work with tight instructions. Handling clients politely and ensuring their satisfaction is the main thing that a web developer has to do.


Creativity is the must-have quality if you want to be a web developer or designer. There are millions of sites that you can find in the search engines. Creating a new design for the website while following the client’s instructions is not an easy deal. You have to possess high creativity, and your work has to be unique.


Doing coding for a website needs a lot of concentration. A single mistake in coding can stop all the functions of the website. Therefore, web developers have to stay focused while working on the website or coding.

Expected Salary in the US

The salary ranges of the web developers are justified according to the works they do. A mid-level web developer earns around 70 thousand dollars a year. As the designation gets higher, the salary range gets higher also. The salary of a senior developer is much higher than a mid-level developer. There are several different categories among web developers. The salary ranges also vary from category to category. The average salary of the developers from the publishing sector is around $120,000 per year. The developers from system designing managements earn approximately $72,000 on an average. The other areas are management, technical consulting, advertising, public relations, etc. Developers from these sectors make around $68,000 per year.

Demand for Web Developers

The statistics of the last ten years clearly shows the astonishing growth in web development employment. As the craze of the internet is growing up, web developers’ employment rate is increasing as well. Over the last ten years, the work of web developers has undergone a growth of 13%. The main reason behind this growth is the rise of e-commerce platforms. Along with the popularity of e-commerce websites, job opportunities for web developers got multiplied. If you have a passion for web development, you should pursue the above-mentioned educational courses. That will help you to get a flourishing career as a web developer.

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