Junior Web Developer Salary in the US

This article is informative for junior web developers and what can be essential requirements for those who wish to make a career in web development and programming. Considering that salary is always the number one question for everyone thinking about a career, I will tell you right away that junior web developer salary ranges from $42,000 to $85,000 a year in the United States. As of August 2020, the average reported salary based on 7000 reports is $67,674 a year or $33 per hour. Please understand that this is high salary for a junior position and you should expect salary closer to $20 per hour and $38,000 per year.

Junior Web Developer Salary

* Data from ZipRecruiter website

Before we discuss other relevant details, let’s see to whom we call a web developer?

A web developer is a person who implements a web design into a website that a client may require. Web developer generally writes complicated codes using different languages such as Python, PHP, Java, HTML, CSS, etc. A web developer or a programmer is the one who writes specific commands which are grasped by the computer, and later on, it gets converted in laymen language such as English. So a developer does quite a delicate job dealing with different languages.

Now we know what is done by a web developer in short and crisp. But in reality, it is quite complicated; there are different segments on which a developer works. Before we jump on to the categories of different developers, we will see the educational requirements to become a junior web developer.

Educational and Qualifications

It ranges from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree. It varies depending on the expertise one wants to have in this field. An Associate’s degree in web design or related field is most common. One who wishes to become more specialized, such as a back end web developer, has to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, or similar fields.

Employers prefer those developers who have a thorough understanding of HTML programming languages and other computer programming languages such as JavaScript or SQL. A web developer has to keep himself updated on new tools and computer languages.

If a web developer is heavily involved in the website’s virtual appearance, he should have a computer degree and complete a course on graphics design.

Types of Web Developers

There are different types of developers based on their expertise. We can categorize them into a front end developer, a backend developer, a full stack developer, etc. Let’s get into detail what kind of developer deals in what specific area of expertise.

Front End Developer

Front-End Developers work mainly on designing user interfaces and writes codes that need to be implemented on the web. They need to know at least three Primary languages – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Back End Developer

Back-End Developers deal with the server-side. They have to create the code and programs that are essential for the website’s server, databases, and applications that the website may contain.

A back end developer needs to take care of creating an efficient code that can run in the quickest way possible. SEO search engine optimization is the most significant factor that needs to be taken under consideration while developing the back end. Languages on which back end developer works are PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby. JavaScript is also used widely nowadays by back end development language, while SQL is used to manage and analyze data.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer understands both front end and back end processes. They can manage correctly to work on both methods. Developer who is equipped with full-stack development knowledge would be beneficial in many ways.

  • A full-stack developer can create a whole website because he has in-depth knowledge of all the processes.
  • A full-stack developer has more chances of getting big projects and gets hired by big companies.
  • Full-stack developers are likely to be more paid than other developers.

Mobile web developer

These developers work on the responsiveness for mobile users on the website. They can also participate in making software development and app design.

WordPress Developers

They need to specialize in popular CMs software. They should be proficient in PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They should be familiar with Word press.

Web Security Developer

They are also known as a security software developer. Their job is to secure websites from hacks and vectors.

Average Salary of Web Developers

So far, we have discussed what educational qualifications are required to become a web developer. Also, we discovered the types or kinds of web developers are there. The question which was remaining was, what is the average salary of web developers is? So, let’s get into numbers.

The web developer’s salary depends on variables like geographical location (we will focus on the US), size of the company, credentials, past employment, knowledge, and competency level, etc.

An entry-level web developer makes around $ 19,7 per hour (Derived data for January 2020). For instance, if he works for 40 hours in a week, then according to calculation, the amount per amount derived by him would be $38,000 per year. Also, it is necessary to keep in mind a junior full stack developer is likely to earn more than a front end or back end developer.

Average Junior Dev Salary in the US
Data according to the Indeed website

Coming on to Junior Web developer, the average salary according to the GlassDoor website is $58,832 per year. It is just double to the entry-level developers. The factor that can’t be ignored is that a junior level developer’s salary is highly dependent on the company where works are. Some companies offer a higher salary than the average pay to value their developers. While on the other hand, some company chooses to pay less to provide experience and results.

junior front end developer salary
Junior Front-End Developer Salary according to the PayScale Website

As you can see from the provided data, the average junior web developer salary is different across the board for numerous reasons. As a junior, you should think more about laying your first job more than the wage itself. Once you are in the game, it is much easier to change companies and go for more significant money. Moreover, you will acquire so much needed experience that will boost your salary significantly.

Finally, coming on to a senior web developer. Their salary depends on their type of expertise and skills. They have more experience compared to newbies and mid-level developers. Senior developers work in high tier companies. So they get comparatively higher.

The demand of Web developers in the market

Web development or software development industry is booming day by day. The sector has great potential for growth with increased salaries for web developers. However, a negative aspect can be that this industry has massive competition around the market. One needs to know multiple languages.

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