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Suppose you want to become a JavaScript developer, or you are on the way to becoming one. In that case, tips and tricks are always useful – find out here the easiest way to become a successful JavaScript developer and what kind of salary to expect.

What is JavaScript Developer

First of all, we must look at JavaScript – what kind of program it is. It is the program that enables the creation of pages with dynamic content. One of the essential features is storing data on the user’s device: 

  • it offers the creation, modification, and enhancement of websites
  • supported by all tools and browsers
  • it is not limited to front-end use but also for back-end use
  • the most favorite programming language with the most precious OSS module ecosystem accessible
  • this program is used to program tasks in applications

At times JavaScript Developers are referred to as JavaScript Web Developer, JavaScript Software Engineer, JavaScript Engineer, and JavaScript Coder.

Their job is to:

  • Build interactive WebPages, user activity, and responding front-end scheme. Everything that the user inputs, edits, clicks, or pulls up on a website is made possible.
  • to deal with the website’s programming, construction, buy zopiclone online india and implementation
  • To deal with the variety of programming tasks that go into the production of websites. At times they have to deal with the entire website or particular features or pages of one or more websites.

Expected JavaScript Developer Salary

On the market, you can currently find around 200 000 jobs available for JavaScript developers.

  • According to the website Glassdoor, the average salary is $79,137 per year. Indeed, the website states that the average salary is $117,270 with the most common benefits commuter assistance, paid sick time, Health savings account, Stock options, and Food provided. ZipRecruiter writes that the average salary is $107,529.

Highest paying cities in the US: 

  • New York, NY – $155, 718 
  • American Fork, UT – $152,943
  • San Francisco, CA – $147, 436


New York City, NY-$125,500 

San Mateo, CA -$123,843 

Boston, MA -$119,858


Highest paying companies in the US:

CarGurus – $186,218

Intone Networks $174,801

Willis Group – $171,666


Certificate, skills, knowledge, schools, and courses

Certificate and Courses

1. The JavaScript Developer Certificate

2. Certified JavaScript Developer

3. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) 

4. Programming Using JavaScript

5. CIW JavaScript Specialist

6. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate 

Skills and Knowledge

  • Java Spring
  • Frameworks
  • NoSQL
  • Restful APIS
  • Spring BOOT
  • Agile Software Development
  • Full Stack JAVA
  • Spring MVC

Personal Traits

  • the one that is driven and a self-motivated, quick learner
  • creative communication skills and likes to work in groups while being detail-oriented. 
  • who knows mathematics, logic, and abstraction
  • will continuously learn, who is curious


  • Arizona State University
  • Brigham Young University, Idaho
  • Liberty University
  • Northwestern State University
  • Champlain College

JavaScript is an interpreter, high-level object-oriented scripting language. It is predominantly used when creating web pages with HTML and CSS. That is why experts in this language are in great demand by employers around the world. Keep in mind that of all developer positions, one-third requires JavaScript knowledge. 

JavaScript Developer

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