Java Programming Language

Java is a programming language used to create and develop many application software. It can be implemented in a variety of multiplatform environments. Java programming language is one of the most popular programs today, especially when we count that applications in smartphones and other devices are continuously growing. 

What is Java?

Java programming language is widely used in programming and applied software solutions, ranging from the simplest digital devices. For example, smartphones, to the most complicated web servers and corporate applications in large organizations. It is the program:

  • That is object-oriented, and it supports all OO programming concepts. Its syntax is similar to the C ++ language syntax but simpler.
  • That is portable – it can be translated into so-called byte code. It is not the machine language of any particular computer but is executed on a Java Virtual Machine (VM). This means that it could operate on various platforms without the need for modification.
  • that can run in Web browsers and has security mechanisms
  • It has less code – for example, unlike C ++, it is up to 4 times more concise. It turned out that the development of the same application in Java takes up to 2 times less time than the development of the same application in C ++.

Where can I learn it?

From the beginning, Java programming language was designed to make it easier for developers to switch from other languages (e.g., C ++, often it is said that they are similar in some ways). Experts agree that Java programming language is relatively easy to maintain and understandable.


  • Codecademy
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Java Code Geeks
  • Learn Java
  • Oracle Java Tutorials
  • edX.
  • SoloLearn


  • Object-Oriented Programming in Java Specialization by Coursera
  • The Complete Java Masterclass by Udemy
  • Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software by Coursera
  • Java Fundamentals by Pluralsight
  • Java Programming for Complete Beginners by Udemy
  • Java In-Depth by Udemy

Jobs and salaries

There is no doubt that you will find a job very fast after you master this program. There are many different jobs where a Java programmer can find a job. Any larger company that owns an IT service needs a person to maintain or create new applications. These are primarily banks, insurance companies, investment companies, companies in telecommunications, etc. These are all occupations available if you know this language.


  • Junior Programmer
  • Senior Programmer
  • Architect
  • IT Manager
  • Back-End Developer
  • Big Data Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Embedded devises Developer


One of the most common reasons why Java is such a popular programming language lies in the fact that these IT professionals can make a lot of money. For example, PayScale reports the average salary for a Java developer is around 70 thousand dollars per year, but it can go up to 110k.

One of the most popular programming languages in the world

Java is an inexhaustible field of learning – you can learn it online, relatively fast (have in mind that the process of learning in the IT industry never stops), on some online course. There are multiple jobs you can do, with a substantial salary.


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