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Java Developer Courses and Skills

Java Developer is an IT professional who works in the Java programming language. This program is especially popular with companies that develop desktop and mobile applications, making it a highly sought-after skill. Maybe it’s time to finally learn the basics of this popular programming language and take the next step towards your programming career.

It would help if you considered learning this programming language since it is has been one of the most essential and used languages for more than a decade.

What is Java Developer

Java programming language is a direct derivative of C and C ++ programming languages. 

  • used for the development of a large number of application software 
  • Its implementation in various multi-platform environments – to issue instructions to the computer to do specific jobs.

Since Java programming language is used so widely, the obligations of a Java developer are comprehensive.

  • In charge of the creation, advancement, and management of Java-based applications.¬†
  • writes codes and checks if the code is working well; analyses and test the application and fixes the errors
  • working on one or many application at once
  • he can be in charge of the entire team of coworkers; he maintains systems and optimizes¬†

Expected JavaScript Developer Salary

According to the website Glassdoor, when it comes to the expected salary, these professionals can expect an annual wage of around $79,137. Indeed writes that the average salary for a Java developer is $104,433 per year in the United States. They can make a $5,000 cash bonus annually. The most find ambien online common benefits are visa sponsorship, Green card sponsorship, and life insurance, along with relocation assistance.

Highest paying cities in the US 

1. San Francisco, CA – $129,658
2. New York, NY – $124,439
3. Charlotte, NC – $119,582
4. Atlanta, GA – $102,991
5. Chicago, IL – $100,855


Highest paying companies in the US

1. Selby Jennings -$153,666
2. Verizon – $151,101
3. Credit Suisse – $150,163
4. HealthEdge Software -$149,696
5. Leidos – $143,112


Certificate and Courses

Skills and Knowledge

  • Core Java 
  • Java Testing Tools 
  • Java Build Tools
  • Java Web Frameworks 
  • Java EE Components 
  • ORM
  • Web Technologies 
  • Application Containers 
  • Code Version Control 

Personal Traits

  • the one that has an impressive technical knowledge
  • must be able to handle challenging projects and be responsible for them 
  • must have well-developed communication skills and passion for the business
  • must be flexible and ready to learn


  • Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Java
  • Object-Oriented Java Programming: Data Structures and Beyond
  • Parallel, Concurrent, and Distributed Programming in Java


  • Western Governors University 
  • The University of Maryland at University College
  • Colorado Technical University 
  • Illinois State University
  • Stanford University 

It is expected that by the year 2024, the demand for Java Developers would increase up to 19%. This programming language has been rated as the most popular language globally for more than ten years.

Java Developer

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