GO Golang progamming language

If you’re into programming, you’ve probably once wanted to speed up your code by taking advantage of the capabilities of modern multi-core processors. 

One way is to schedule program execution to multiple cores. Writing competing programs has always been a buy valium worldwide delivery challenge until the Go programming language (Golang) came on the scene and made this more straightforward.

What is GO?

Go is an open-source programming language developed by Google. In addition to Google, many global companies use Go in their development. Only some of them are Facebook, DropBox, Basecamp, and Cloudflare. 

  • It is a relatively modern language compared to others; it is created to solve current computers’ current problems.
  • The program that was used to write two large projects that provide container application development, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Its syntax is similar to other scripting languages. It allows easy development of simple, reliable, and efficient software.
  • It is a statistical language. If you use it, you can identify an entire range of errors in a program before it even starts. 
  • It is a fast language – with it, the compiler can get the job done in less than 2 seconds.

Where can I learn it?

Experts agree that Go is a small and beautiful language – there are only 25 keywords, making writing and reading easier. They also say that Golang is so fun to learn. Once you master it, your skills can be translated into understanding other computer languages.

These are some websites where you can find more information about this program and online courses to master Go in a couple of months.


  • Go By Example
  • Effective Go
  • The Go Bootcamp online book
  • The Go Tour website
  • The Golang FAQ


  • Udemy: Go The Complete Developer’s Guide 
  • Udemy: Master Go Programming: The Complete Go Bootcamp 2021 
  • Coursera – Programming with Google Go Specialization 
  • Pluralsight – Go Fundamentals By Nigel Poulton  
  • Codecademy -Learn Go on 

Jobs and Salary

The demand for programmers who know the Go programming language is very high. There are various professions you can do.


  • Software Engineer
  • Development Operations Engineer
  • Solutions Engineer
  • Data Quality Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • DevOps / SRE Software Developer
  • Backend Engineer


Salary in the USA on average for Go Programmer can reach up to $100,157 a year. On the other side, PayScale writes that an average salary can reach up to $116,929. Simultaneously, the website GlassDoor states that the average salary is around $92,046 annually for Go Developer.

Fun and easy to learn

One of the main reasons why many of the world’s leading companies use the Go language, in addition to its speed, is the ease of developing competing programs. Due to its characteristics, it is said that the program Go is C of the 21st century. 

Even if it is not an object-oriented program, it certainly takes some of the concepts from object-oriented languages, such as methods assigned to user-defined types and interfaces. It is suitable for making server applications due to its competitiveness.


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