C++ (C with Classes)

C ++ Skills, Courses, Salary and Jobs

The C ++ programming language is indispensable in the field of system programming. It is designed to provide the ability to rationally structure large programs so that a programmer can easily navigate programs with a considerable amount of code. It is used abundantly in everything from video games to astronomy technology.

I highly recommend learning C++, especially if you already know the basics of the C programming language.

What is C++?

C ++ is a higher-level programming language, created as a response to the demand to create objects, a comfortable and safe way to manage an object’s fields. It was designed to solve the concretization and specificity of each algorithmic problem by analogy. 

In its essence, C ++ is an upgrade of the C programming language. It differs only in how data is input and output and the ability to manipulate objects through classes’ introduction.

  • Unlike programming language C, C++ is object-oriented. This means that C++ applies the application of objects during the programming process. These objects help you execute real-time problems.
  • It is “portable” – with C++, you can use the same part of the code in different settings.
  • it is a high-level language, easier to understand and use than some other, like C, for example
  • it is a compiler-based language, and it is faster than some other programs
  • C++ has Dynamic Memory Allocation – enables you to allocate memory dynamically
  • it provides you a library with abundant in-built functions that make things simpler 

Where can I learn it?

It is not hard to learn, but it is recommended to learn programming language C first, then it will be easier for you to upgrade to C++. The syntax of C++ is almost similar to that of C programming language. 


  • Udemy: The Best Way to Learn C++ for Beginners
  • edX
  • LearnCpp
  • CPlusPlus
  • Cprogramming
  • Edabit


  • Udemy – Beginning C++ Programming Course – Beginner to Beyond 
  • Pluralsight – C++ Courses, Tutorials & Classes Online 
  • Udacity -C++ Nanodegree Certification for Programmers
  • Udemy – C++ Tutorial: From Beginner to Expert 
  • Udemy- Learn Advanced C++ Programming 

Jobs and Salary


  • Digital Electric Engineer
  • Real-Time Software Engineer
  • Programming Multimedia Desktop Applications
  • Software Development Manager
  • DevOps Engineer


When it comes to the expected salary, those who master C++ can expect an average annual salary of $60,057. Some who have more experience can make up to $85,000. The website Glassdoor states that the pay is $76,526 per year, while PayScale reports an annual income of $86,174, while Indeed writes that the amount is closer to $105,748.

So, in the end – programming can be a difficult task, and professionals often use C ++. Many of the most brilliant games, graphics, and internet applications are made thanks to C++. C++ is used in astronomy software. 

It explains the reasons and tricks that each part of language relies on when you start with the essential elements and expand them through simple examples and practical exercises. You will be amazed at how fast you can progress.

C++ (C with Classes)

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