Most programming languages are designed to solve a particular problem in a group of problems. Looking from this perspective, the Perl programming language was created to solve some common issues among software development difficulties. As such, the programming language Perl acquired great popularity and has a broad domain of application.  What is Perl? Perl’s name […]


PHP is one of those programming languages that are extremely popular since it provides developers with less experience to achieve excellent results in their work. For its ease of use, we use PHP to power millions of web applications and websites. Most content management scripts are created in PHP. It is known to be one […]


Programming means speaking of a language that the computer comprehends, and for that purpose, there are numerous programs. On a computer means to “speak” a language that our laptop. Ruby is considered to be one of the excellent programs. It is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. It was designed and developed by the Japanese Yukihiro […]


No matter if you are an “amateur” programmer or professional, you heard of Scala programming language for sure. It is a functional programming language that has grown enormously in popularity over the past few years and is increasingly being used in industry, not just in academia. What is Scala? Experts like to relate Scala and […]


By numerous parameters, Apple is by many the most successful IT Company in the world. That is why experts in creating applications for iOS and macOS are extremely sought after. To become one of them, you need to master the Swift programming language.  This program, Swift, can enable significantly faster and easier development of order […]


This is one programming language that is “very old.” It is a known fact that Microsoft began developing .NET in the early 1990s, called Next Generation Windows Services.¬†In the early 2000s, the first beta version of .NET 1.0 was released. In August 2000, in collaboration with Intel and HP, Microsoft began standardizing the Common Language […]


Kotlin programming language is designed to respond to the industry’s demands for a new programming language (very young). The idea is that on the programming market, there is a program that is “better” than Java, but again fully interoperable with Java code.¬†Companies can decide to move the code from Java to Kotlin slowly. Some say […]


Java is a programming language used to create and develop many application software. It can be implemented in a variety of multiplatform environments. Java programming language is one of the most popular programs today, especially when we count that applications in smartphones and other devices are continuously growing.  What is Java? Java programming language is […]


If you’re into programming, you’ve probably once wanted to speed up your code by taking advantage of the capabilities of modern multi-core processors.  One way is to schedule program execution to multiple cores. Writing competing programs has always been a buy valium worldwide delivery challenge until the Go programming language (Golang) came on the scene […]

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