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While surfing the internet or scrolling down in a browser, you might find many websites. Search engines contain millions of websites related to a particular search. From shopping sites to professional websites, there are several websites that you go to. Being a user or viewer of the website, you can only see the website’s front-end interphase. But we have never think about those people who are behind a running site. You must have heard about web developers. But do you know precisely what the back-end developers do?

Well, the back-end developers are the main driving forces, whose tireless efforts make a website run. The front-end developers are liable to design and moderate a website. At the same time, the responsibility of running that site is on the shoulders of back-end developers. Did you ever question how the website presents the data according to your command? The back-end developers work continuously to ensure that you are getting the information and services as you command. Without the back-end developers, the websites won’t run as they do.

What do the back-end developers do?

The back-end development of a website includes three elements-maintenance of the server, application, and database accordingly. A back-end developer does it all single-handedly. However, these elements are not visible to the audience of the website. A back-end developer has to work intensely to present the website’s front-end outlook to the visitor in the right way. The delivery of the data according to the customer’s input or command depends upon the back-end developers.

Once the back-end of a website gets crashed, the front-end will be of no use until the back-end gets fixed. The server-side maintenance entirely comes under the responsibilities of a back-end developer.
An interconnection and communication among the server, application, and database are essential to keep a website running. A back-end developer uses programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, and .Net to build applications.MySQL, SQL, Oracle are the tools for the developers to manage databases and servers.

What responsibilities do the back-end developers have to perform?

  • Maintaining the database of the website is a significant responsibility of a back-end developer. Besides creating a database, the management of the data is equally essential.
  • Back-end developers also construct the frameworks to build up the server-side software.
  • These developers are also liable to do back-end coding with the server-side programming languages. Creating those back-end codes requires a lot of concentrations. A little mistake in such coding can lead to the website crash.
  • Back-end developers integrate the API resources that work on all kinds of devices.
  • Back-end developers have critical responsibilities of handling payment processes through the website. They are the persons who manage and take care of all the payment transactions. Storing the user’s personal information securely and processing the payments are also their duties.
  • They are also responsible for solving issues that happen to the back-end system of the website.
  • The back-end developers also work on the security settings of a particular website. They set up the security settings so that the hackers can’t hack the system quickly. If anyone attempts to hack the system, direct notifications go to the back-end authority of a website.
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What skills would you need to be a back-end developer?

There are certain skill sets that you have to have for becoming a back-end developer. Here, we are mentioning the primary skills that are must-have to be a back-end developer.

Knowing development and coding languages

If you’re a back-end developer, you need to apply coding languages to develop the website’s back-end. Some of the main coding languages that you should know are Java, Python, Ruby, .Net, etc.

Maintenance of database and cache

Maintaining a proper database is highly essential to run any kind of website. Properly storing the data and delivering that at the right time to the user should be the main moto of your site. Handling the cache data is another work that needs to get done necessarily regularly. An efficient and expert back-end developer will handle all of the cache data and other data on the website.


As a back-end developer, you have to possess adequate expertise in the Linux server primarily. That will help you to handle other servers with the same efficiency. Usually, back-end developers have to maintain servers like- IIS servers, Microsoft IIS, Nginx, etc. Your skills as a back-end developer depend on how good you are with all the kinds of servers.


There are few things that you need to be familiar with in order to become complete back-end web developer:

  • Familiarity with the API services;
  • You need to know to create the REST and SOAP services;
  • Keep information about the consumption of such services.

    There are some other qualities on the list as well. Those qualities make you more efficient and able as a back-end developer. The qualities are:
  • You have to be capable of writing high-quality unit tests.
  • Detailed and elaborated knowledge about algorithms is a necessary quality for you also. Expertise in data structures can be additional elements that will help you in your professional career.
  • It is better for you if you also know the front-end development elements. Ensure that you have proper knowledge about HTML and CSS.

How much does a back-end developer earn?

Back-end developers are likely to earn a bit more than the other developers. The average salary of a back-end developer in the US is around 120000 dollars per annum. The amount looks pretty impressive. Well, the hike in their wage is justified according to the hard work they do. Also, some developers possess expertise in both front-end and back-end development. Such individuals earn way more than those who only look after back-end development.


You might have understood already that the websites are incomplete without back-end developers. Back-end developers carry out the most essential and significant responsibilities. That’s why the position of the back-end developers in the website management companies is very high.

Back-End Web Developers

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